Bing launched a smart search for organizations by Harish Amilineni

Bing launched a smart search for organizations by Harish Amilineni

Bing announced the release of a new service Bing For Business for users of Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

Bing For Business is a kind of search engine for organizations based on their internal work. To compile a search issue for employees of the company (school, institute, firm, store, etc.) artificial intelligence and Microsoft Graph are involved.

Bing For Business can search for data about the organization, its employees, documents, sites and the area in which it / they are located, and also display the results of a public search. All this works on all browsers and devices.

On September 25, Bing released a closed preview of the new service for subscribers of Office 365 Enterprise levels E1, E3, E5, F1, Business Essentials, Business Premium and Education E5.

Below is an example of searching for Bing For Business on demand [Thomas]. In the issue you can see information about the employee:

Harish Amiline ,Bing

Harish Amilineni ,Bing Organization

Bing Organization


Full list of functions:

● Bookmarks for businesses – The fastest way to access sites, tools and other information within the enterprise.

● Search by people – you can easily find a company employee and understand what role it plays in its functioning, to find out what it is working on, and what position it occupies. Moreover, the service will show its office on the map of the building, so you know where it can be searched.

● Organization structure – Quick access to the structure of the organization structure with information about the position of the person, his colleagues, superiors and some working reports.

● Building and floor plans – Thanks to the building schemes, you can find out where to find your colleague, and pave the way to his office.

● Document Search – Allows you to find relevant documents stored in SharePoint and other Microsoft Graph sources.

● Office 365 groups – You can get information about the Groups in which a certain person is composed and examine their content.

● News about your industry – Bing is studying everything related to your company in order to understand the principles of your work and your tasks. Over time, artificial intelligence Bing understands what news from the business area is of interest to you, and publishes them in a separate section.

● Management and analytics – In this section, IT admins get access to creating and configuring bookmarks, as well as identifying search engines, optimal keywords and phrases. In addition, they can find out statistics about what searches were performed by people in your organization.

If you want to use the new service, apply to view its preview.


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