Harish Amilineni Contextual promotion of sites in Bing Ads: a new strategy Maximize Clicks

Harish Amilineni  Contextual promotion of sites in Bing Ads: a new strategy Maximize Clicks

In August 2016, Bing Ads added to their service the Enhanced CPC strategy, which billed and regulated rates based on the estimated number of clicks on advertising.

Last week, Bing Ads announced the rollout of a new automatic bid adjustment to improve the clickthrough rates of ads – Maximize Clicks.

How to use Maximize Clicks

Open the drop-down menu of the Bid strategy type when working with campaign settings and select the Maximize Clicks option.

Next, you can go to the Settings tab and set the maximum threshold that will be applied to all campaign rates.

Private optimizers can selectively manage bid parameters for individual ad groups and / or keywords in order to increase their clickability. To do this, go to the menu of keywords or ad groups, activate the dropdown menu of the Bid Strategy and select the option Use My Bid:

When the Maximize Clicks function is applied, the ‘auto’ icon will appear in the betting field before their values.

Additional Information

Bing Ads recommend seo-optimizers and users not to expect immediate results from the new strategy, but to give its algorithm about 30 days for the fullest scan of your campaign. Then the bids will be the most accurate.

At the moment, Maximize Clicks does not work with Shopping campaigns and third-party platforms for bidding.

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