Harish Amilineni In the Google app for iOS, you can filter search results by date

Harish Amilineni In the Google app for iOS, you can filter search results by date

Private optimizers have noticed that the latest update of Google for iOS allows users to filter search results by date. Here is what is stated in the official statement of the company:

 Harish Amilineni

“New filter for SERP. After you perform the search, scroll through the options panel, select “Tools” and filter the results by time interval and other parameters.

Improved navigation. In addition to Google Maps, you can use to navigate the Apple or Waze map in the Google application.


We always try to make our application work faster and more stable. If you like it, leave your feedback and rate it, please! ”

So far, the update does work stably, as stated by the company. In the options panel, under the search box, a “Tools” tab appeared, allowing you to sort the delivery by different parameters.


Harish Amilineni

Google Apps,Harish Amilineni

Tapping at a certain time interval, you will see a new set of search results that will be ranked by relevance. If you want to get a list of sites in chronological order, tap on the “Sort by relevance” button and select “Sort by date”.

Google Apps ,Harish Amilineni

In the screenshot you can see that in addition to the above options, users have several more search options. You can sort the results by country or select “All results” in order for Google to show you the delivery by default.

The new feature is only available for users of the Google app for iOS and does not apply to searches in the mobile browser.

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