Google Maps updated the interface by Harish Amilineni

Google Maps updated the interface by Harish Amilineni

The company decided to change its basic colors, making them brighter, and adding special icons for places and businesses.

Catering establishments and bars are now designated as orange or gold, shops – blue, services – lavender, entertainment – turquoise, parks and places for recreation – green, etc.

Google reported that the service will also provide places that are relevant to your needs or needs (for example, car trips / car trips / transfers). Here’s what the new UI looks like:

Harish Amilineni

Google said that the rollout of innovations will occur in the next few weeks and will affect all “products and services with the integration of Google Maps, including Google Assistant, Earth, Google search and Android Auto.” Updates will also occur in all third-party applications and on sites that work with the Google Maps API.

Google Maps is one of the five products of the largest search engine, the number of users of which exceeds one billion. These services include Google search, Android operating system, Chrome browser and YouTube video hosting.

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