How to avoid duplicate content By Harish Amilineni

You should know that duplicate content is one of the most widespread problems of search engine positioning and, interestingly, one of the least attended. There is usually talk about how to optimize a website for search engines , how to obtain links, but very little mention is made of annoying duplicate content.

The issue is that, if your website is filled with repeated pages, it will be extremely difficult for the search engines to give you a good assessment, so it is really important to reduce the problem. Below we explain everything you need to know about duplicate content.

What is the duplicate content?

Duplicate content refers to any text that is repeated on more than one website, either on your site or outside of it . It happens at the moment in which a page of your web is shown in several URLs. Likewise, it also happens when a spammer copies the content of your site, modifies it a bit and places it in theirs.

It may seem that duplicate content is a minor issue, but in reality it is a serious problem. Any Internet user who is using Google expects different results and not the same ones repeated every time. To avoid this repetition, this search engine filters duplicate copies of the content, preventing them from being displayed.

All this filtering process is transparent. Necessarily you do not have to know that your pages have been marked as duplicates, coming to think that these are original and generate traffic, and the search engine see it in another way. If this is your case, you will be missing the opportunity to appear in the first search results, without you noticing.

What are the consequences of duplicate content?

It is essential that you know the problems that can generate you having duplicate content on your website that could affect your SEO positioning. Among the most important are:

Inadequate pages . Having different pages for the same content means that you give the search engine the option to choose the appropriate page, which is not a good idea because the search engine can select a version different from the one you want.

Worst visibility . The search engine to select an incorrect page, could end up showing a copy little relevant or low quality that the page you really want, and consequently, position it much worse than it would be the good version.

Poor indexing . The registration or indexing of your pages, could be influenced since the search engine spends its time finding duplicate pages, instead of the pages that really matter. In many cases duplicate content can occupy a large portion of pages.

Waste of links . The pages that are duplicated can receive links and decrease the strength of your content, increasing forces on a single page.

Misjudgment . The search engine has the power to decide that the content you generate is part of a domain that does not belong to you, so when you get your results page will take into consideration that domain, excluding yours.

It should be noted that when Google detects duplicate content, it will sanction you by filtering your page so that it does not show up in the search results.

How to get rid of duplicate content?

You already know that search engines like Google do not like duplicate content because it offers a poor user experience. So if your page has duplicate content, you should do everything possible to eradicate it . Here we show you the main options that exist to solve the problem:

Use Canonical Rel . This consists of the label “rel = canonical”, which was created, precisely with the aim of solving this problem, so it is the best solution. This consists of a line of code that is within the <head> section of the HTML code of the website, which tells the search engine which version of the page is good, correct.

Make redirects 301 . This is what is most recommended when you can not use the canonical label, when you establish the canonical domain or when you move the content from one page to another. 301 redirects consist of commands included in a file called .htaccess, which is in the root directory of your domain.

Reject access to robots . To prevent search engines from finding repeated pages on your website, you can use the meta robots tag or the robots.txt file.

Manage the URL parameters . If the duplicate content is by parameters, you can tell Google what you should not take into account in URL Tracking / Parameters, in your webmaster tools.

Rewrite content or unify pages . These are some of the most sensible options when the contents of your pages are the same or very similar.

Content duplicated by third parties . In this case, you can kindly request that they delete it through an email. If it does not work, request that they at least place a link to the page they have copied from your website, as it will make it easier for the search engine to identify the source or original.

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