Harish Amilineni The most common errors in link building

days, link building or the construction of links continues to be one of the fundamental parameters within any SEO positioning strategy, especially for medium-competitive sectors. However, since the Google Penguin algorithm has been implemented , the game parameters have been modified or, rather, naturalized at present, so a bad link building strategy will not take too long to be penalized by the engine of the game. search . For this reason, below we will explain the main errors that are usually committed when building links or links that can affect your web positioning.

Give importance to quantity over quality

In other times, having a large number of links influenced the search engine positioning of a particular site, giving you the opportunity to appear in the top positions of Google search results. This caused people to create links of low quality and exaggerate the use of them.

Nowadays, this strategy has been modified, so the number of links does not influence the positioning of a site. In this sense, what matters is not having a relevant link and the other bad ones, since the web could end up being penalized. Therefore, it is recommended that you have quality links and not exaggerate in the creation of them .

Employing the wrong means

It is important that you bear in mind that many of the media that were used previously, now do not work, that is, what are the directories for the publication of articles , bookmarkings, link directories and any other means that is characterized as being automatically published or semiautomatic that do not have original and updated contents. If your project has been running for a while now, it is very likely that you will have a lot of this kind of links and you should eliminate them as part of your link building strategy .

An example of this is DMOZ , which consisted of a reference directory where all professionals wanted to meet. The issue is not that it is of very poor quality, but nowadays, there are innumerable directories of very poor quality everywhere that copy and paste the links of this directory.

Forget the link format and the naturalness of the anchors

For a very long time one of the most used techniques was to obtain a WordPress template or any other content manager (CMS) in order to place the links with the desired anchor-text in the footer . Currently, this technique is not recommended at all for SEO. For those who do not know much about the subject, the anchor-text refers to the text used in links or links to other pages or websites and, which is visible by the user so you can click on it.

What works nowadays are the links that are located in the same content , with related context, with SMO (Social Media Optimization) resources that facilitate the viralization of the contents (and the same link) through the different networks social, diversity in the anchor-text in order not to massively include keywords or keywords , etc. That is, 100% naturalness .

Viralization of infographics without text

In principle, you should know that an infographic refers to a visual representation of the texts; in which narratives, interpretations or descriptions intervene, shown in graphic form, usually figurative, which may or may not coincide with sounds and / or abstract graphics.

Although,  infographics are an excellent focus to get web links and social mentions(I recommend reading this article ), it is recommended that these be accompanied by some text related to the content they offer. Also, these must be shown independently by each means to not receive a huge amount of links or links without related context, which is a negative element that you should take into consideration although it gives you much more work in development.

There are other frequent mistakes that tend to be made when building links, such as not being oriented to generate Branding , so it is important to create positive contents of the brand and integrate in the anchor-text of the links, the own brand . Also, it should be noted that the link building is not only focused on web links, but also on social mentions, shared links and the visibility achieved by the brand on social networks.

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